Corsica 2011 – Ferry to Bastia, Patrimonio (14th July)

After waking up (sleeping in the car in a port isn’t exactly comfortable, but at least we rested a little bit) and having small breakfast we got on the M/F Corsica Marina Seconda, ferry heading to the port of Bastia, second largest Corsican city and capital of Haute-Corse department.

MS Queen Victoria

MS Queen Victoria

While leaving Livorno port, we noticed cruise ship MS Queen Victoria there – it was the biggest ship I’ve ever seen so as usually I took a lot of photos (and later at home deleted most of them). After 4 hours  of the journey, we approached to Bastia – however, one thing was different from previous years: there were big clouds over whole coast, completely hiding summit of not only Monte Stello (that we planned to visit the next day) but also of most of other mountains.

After landing in port we left the city and went along D 81 to Patrimonio. There is a beautiful church there, but the main thing the village is known for is wine. AOC Patrimonio is the most famous wine-making region of Corsica and of course we couldn’t just leave it without buying at least a single bottle. We visited two or three winemakers and bought some samples – my personal favourite: Jean Noel Grossi, whose white wine (price 7 Euro) was really great.

Domaine Pastricciola, Patrimonio

Domaine Pastricciola, Patrimonio

When we had enough bottles for the next days we continued to Camping A Stella near Marine de Farinole. It’s quite a nice camp, only problem is the beach that is quite dirty – it’s much better to go to nearby Farinole beach, or , if I can recommend, to beautiful black stone beaches of Nonza or Albo, located a few kilometers to the north.

In the evening I went for a short walk along the coast and at about 10 PM watched the beautiful sunset from the beach, looking forward to the next days on Ile de Beauté…

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