Corsica 2011 – Journey to Livorno (13th July)

Two days ago I returned from our annual family holiday. We visited (for the fourth time!) Mediterreanean island of Corsica. I liked those ten days spent there a lot and therefore (just like the last year) would like to publish here a small journal, describing hikes and interesting places we visited…

Our trip began on 13th July, when we left for the Italian port of Livorno. I desribed the route quite thoroughly in one of previous posts, so now I’ll just post here a table with distances to some important points of the track and with the times when we got there:

Point on the track Distance [km] Time [hh:mm]
ChoceĊˆ 0 8:40
Brno 105 10:25
Wien (bridge over Donau/Danube) 239 12:29
Border Austria-Italy (Arnoldstein/Tarvisio) 623 16:51
Bologna Interporto (A1 highway exit) 976 21:03
Firenze Scandicci (A1 highway exit) 1087 22:18
Livorno port 1170 23:15

In Livorno, we parked our car in “stazione marittima”, and went to sleep, because our ferry to Bastia didn’t leave for another 9 hours…

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