CQ WPX Contest 2011 – SSB part

Once again, I’m quite a bit late with posting to the blog, since the SSB part of CQ WPX Contest 2011 was held a month ago. Anyway, I still have to mention here at least a few things about my participation in the contest, since I enjoyed it a lot:

  • My category was SO 15M LP, total net operating time only 10,5 hours
  • During the time I managed to make 172 QSOs, resulting in claimed score of 68 252
  • 45 DXCC countries were contacted, 4 of them were new to me (4J,BV,HR,KL7)
  • CONDX were great during the whole context, the best part for me was Sunday evening, when I made a lot of QSOs to western U.S. states (including some W6 stations). Two states (well, three… counting Alaska) were new to me – Utah (confirmed via LOTW) and California (not confirmed yet)

I’d like to thank a lot to all stations for QSOs, especially to those who already confirmed me the QSO via LOTW… See you in the next contest, I hope I’ll have more time and will be QRV a little longer…

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