Geo-cycling trip – Přívrat, Toulovcovy maštale

Hello again, as I promised earlier, I’ll write here about the geo-cycling trip I went to last Saturday.

I set out from my hometown Choceň at quarter past ten. Since I’ve already found practically all traditional caches around Choceň, I knew this trip would have to be a little longer.

My first goal was to find four caches hidden near village of Přívrat, situated about 15 km to SW from my hometown. The first cache I managed to found was GC12H7V Na Mandlu, located in forest near local recreational area. The cache wasn’t too difficult to find, so I could quickly continue. My next waypoint was cache G26ZOV U Sv. Antonicka. Getting to it was quite challenging, touristic trail leading there wasn’t good enough for riding, so I had to push my bike up the hill – and quite a steep one. Finding the cache itself was very easy for me – I came there just in time to see another geocacher, betisa logging into it. I liked this cache a lot, it is located on a remote (and very nice) place in woods, it’s not possible to get there by car and it’s on a hill so man must (at least a little:-)) deserve it. Betisa was there by bike too, so together we rode to two other nearby caches, GC1F7F6 Miroslavova zeme and GC1XG38 Privrat – sportovni a detsky areal. The first one took us some time to find, the second one was much easier. After we found them, I said bye to betisa, who needed to go home, and continued in my way.

I went to natural reservation “Toulovcovy maštale”, because there’s a nearest earthcache (from the place where I live) located there. During my journey I stopped at one gas station to buy mineral water (it was very hot that day, about 32 degrees Celsius) and also to find “drive-in” microcache GCYM4W Krajem Smetany a Martinu 4: Osik, plemen.podnik. I confess, I hate drive-in microcaches, especially the ones located in residential areas, but fortunately this one was really easy to find so I quickly continued in my way…

Toulovcovy maštale is quite small, but beautiful natural reservation full of (mostly sandstone) rock blocks. One of it’s centres is village Budislav, where you can try to find cache GC14V0D Budislav – Velke Hradisko, hidden on a same-named rock above the village. I recommend this cache to everyone, I liked it a lot – just like another cache I found in Budislav, GC14W1Q Budislav – Kostel. A word “kostel” means “church” and the one located near this cache is really nice, surrounded with sandstone rock blocks.

Near Budislav I tried to find one more cache, GCYQNC Rozhledna No.5/The Lookout Tower No.5 – Toulovcova. I didn’t succeed, maybe I was too tired or didn’t try hard enough…

I quickly left Budislav behind me and continued via Proseč to earthcache GC1R19X Columbus´s egg / Kolumbovo vejce, the main goal of my trip.

"Kolumbovo vejce" rock formation

"Kolumbovo vejce" rock formation

“Kolumbovo vejce” is a famous rock formation located near Bor u Skutče (as you’ve probably figured it’s the one on the photo). Thanks a lot to the tourists that photographed me in front of the rock, I needed it since it was one of conditions for logging the earthcache. Other requirement was to answer a few questions about the place and nature in general. I must say I really like the whole concept of eatchcaches, unfortunately this is just my first logged one because the other ones are located much farer from my house.

“Kolumbovo vejce” was the last stop on my trip, so I started riding back home… When I got home I had 102 km on my odometer, so naturally I was very tired… But since it was my first cycling trip longer than 100 km I was also incredibly happy:-) I’ll post here also height diagram (generated by Garmin BaseCamp; click on it to see the full size). Place where I live is at 289 m ASL, highest point of my track was 558 m ASL (near G26ZOV U Sv. Antonicka cache).

Elevation diagram - geocycling trip around Choceň

Elevation diagram - geocycling trip around Choceň

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