Sardinia 2010 – Cala Gonone (19th July)

The third day on Sardinia. I woke up early – around quarter to six – and went to the beach to look at sunrise. I took also a few photos and then went swimming in the sea for a while.

Sunrise; beach near Camping Sa Marina

Sunrise; beach near Camping Sa Marina

We had no hike planned for this day, instead we decided to pack our stuff and move a little more to the south. It took us some time, but before half past nine we were leaving Sa Marina Camp for good.

Since there was some detour near uscita Budoni mare (the nearest highway exit/on-ramp to the south of camp), we went at first to north to “Budoni” ramp, got on the highway and then continued south to Siniscola, where we (after some time) managed to find a supermarket – I needed to buy sunglasses, my old ones “were damaged” two days ago. From the town we got on highway again and kept heading south, until after 28 km we turned left to the town Dorgali.

In Dorgali I managed to buy the sunglasses (even though their price wakes me up at night sometimes:-/) and after that we continued to the coast to the seaside resort Cala Gonone. Finding the camp wasn’t too difficult. Then we saw the prices – after I recovered from the shock I suggested to leave for some other place, even though this would have meant giving up some hikes I planned, because this is the only camp in the area. After some discussion we decided to stay, despite the ridiculously high prices.

Cala Gonone beach

Cala Gonone beach

After building the tent we just went to the beach (cca. 200 meters from camp)… No hiking today, so I’ll just leave it there and continue with my “journal” on the next day…

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