Sardinia 2010 – Serra Orrios, Cugnana (26th July)

Since our holiday was quickly coming to an end, we decided it was time to move to another camp – to our last one on Sardinia (at least for this year. We planned to move closer to Olbia, so that we had a short way to ferry port for our way back.

Nuragic village Serra Orrios

Nuragic village Serra Orrios

Packing took us some time, but just after ten we were on the road and driving to the north – from Santa Maria Navarrese / Tancau to SS 125 and then via Baunei and Dorgali to SS 131 d.c.n. highway. However, before getting on the highway, we made one minor stop – at Nuragic village of Serra Orrios.

It’s quite a shame I wrote here so many posts about Sardinia and, until now, haven’t said anything about nuraghes – one of Sardinian symbols. They are ancient megalithic monuments, built on Sardinia between middle and late Bronze Age by Nuragic civilization. According to various estimates, today there are about 8,000 nuraghes remaining on Sardinia – and so we decided we had to see at least one.

Serra Orrios, located a few kilometers to the northwest of Dorgali is one of the biggest Nuragic villages. Entrance fee is (as far as I remember) 3 Euros and in my opinion it’s worth paying. After we looked around the site and took a few pictures, we got back in the car and went to the highway to the north – we passed Siniscola, San Teodoro, Olbia and continued in the direction of famous coast Costa Smeralda. However, we stayed a few kilometres to the south from the “Emerald Coast”, in a camp Camping Cugnana.

Nuragic village Serra Orrios

Nuragic village Serra Orrios

I must confess I didn’t like that camp very much. Cars weren’t allowed to enter the camp and had to stay on a parking lot before it. There were also the most strict security measures I’ve ever seen (in a camp) – during registration we had to give ALL (not just one) passports to the receptionist and we all got special ID cards, that we all had to carry everytime we wanted to pass the camp gate (it means also if we just wanted to take some things from the car, since the car had to stay outsite). There was neither a beach, nor a direct access to a sea, just a river (full of fish) and some lagoons. On the other hand, all camp staff could speak English and there was a very nice swimming pool there. Also, even though the price was quite high, it was lower than I expected (and was afraid of).

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