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King of Spain Contest 2011 – SSB part

This weekend I participated in the SSB part of His Majesty King of Spain Contest. I like this contest quite a lot, unfortunately in last few years I had no time for it…

Contest starts at 12:00 UTC, but I was on a short cycling trip and started three hours later. There weren’t a lot of stations on the band and so by the evening I made only about 50 QSOs. I still enjoyed it quite a lot, especially because 20 meters band was open for quite a long time – it was very surprising (for me) when at 18:50, UTC I managed to make a QSO with 9M2CNC from West Malaysia.

On Sunday I made 30 more QSOs and by the end of the contest there were 80 QSOs with 20 DXCC counties (counting also EA and EA8) and 18 Spanish provinces (see table below) in my log. My total claimed score was 5 976 points.

Spanish province QSO count Spanish province QSO count
Alicante 11 Leon 2
Valencia 5 Asturias 1
Almeria 3 Avila 1
Cantabria 3 Castellon 1
Madrid 3 Ciudad Real 1
A Coruña 2 Girona 1
Barcelona 2 Malaga 1
Cadiz 2 Navarra 1
Las Palmas 2 Vizcaya 1

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