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CQ WW DX Contest SSB 2012

Last weekend I participated in SSB part of CQ WW DX contest. I didn’t try for some serious score, just wanted to have some fun and was QRV only on higher bands (10, 15 and 20 meters.)

Here are a few notes about my contest activity:

  • Total time on was 15.5 hours
  • During the time, I managed to make 640 QSOs, most of them – 205 QSOs – on 10 meters band
  • My claimed score is 175 648 points (998 QSO points, 56 CQ zone multipliers, 120 DXCC multipliers)
  • 73 different DXCC entities were contacted, one of them (TG – Guatemala) was new to me
  • Most QSOs were made to the United States (113), European Russia (50), Spain (38), Asiatic Russia (34) and Canada (22)
  • 25 different CQ zones were contacted; most QSOs were made to Zone 5 (94), Zone 14 (82), Zone 16 (76), Zone 4 (32) and Zone 15 (26)
  • The longest contact was to Australia, to Zone 29 (Western Zone of Australia)
  • My most favorite band was 28 MHz, where I managed to make a lot of QSOs to North America and Caribbean

I liked the contest a lot, hope to hear you in CW part.

73! Ondra, OK1CLD

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Corsica 2012 – Back Home

On Sunday 29th we started returning home. In the morning we packed our tent and left the camp, going to 10:00 bus heading via Bocca e Croce/Col de la Croix to Calvi. The bus was leaving from a stop opposite a photographer’s place and ticket cost 16 Euro for one.

Bastia -> Genova ferry

Bastia -> Genova ferry

The trip was quite pleasant, especially seeing the places we walked around in a past dew days – Curzu village, Bocca e Croce pass and Fango river. The bus arrived to Calvi on time (as far as I remember), at 12:30. There we bought something for lunch and went to Place de la Porteuse d’eau (the same place from which we went a week ago to Calenzana) to wait for 14:00 bus to Bastia.

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