Corsica 2012 – Back Home

On Sunday 29th we started returning home. In the morning we packed our tent and left the camp, going to 10:00 bus heading via Bocca e Croce/Col de la Croix to Calvi. The bus was leaving from a stop opposite a photographer’s place and ticket cost 16 Euro for one.

Bastia -> Genova ferry

Bastia -> Genova ferry

The trip was quite pleasant, especially seeing the places we walked around in a past dew days – Curzu village, Bocca e Croce pass and Fango river. The bus arrived to Calvi on time (as far as I remember), at 12:30. There we bought something for lunch and went to Place de la Porteuse d’eau (the same place from which we went a week ago to Calenzana) to wait for 14:00 bus to Bastia.

Calvi – Bastia stage was a little shorter than Porto – Calvi (price was the same though, 16 Euro), and at 16:15 we arrived at Bastia bus stop (near the train station). Unfortunately, that was it for a day – there were no overnight ferries to Genova, so we had to find an accommodation in Bastia. Lukáš went to Office de Tourisme, where they recommended him a 2-star Hotel Le Forum.

In Bogliasco

In Bogliasco

Hotel Le Forum is located in a centre of Bastia, not very far from port. Staying there for one night cost us 30 Euro each – quite a lot for our possibilities, but I don’t regret it; don’t know of any other better option. Plus, it was quite a nice change to sleep in a bed again, after more than one week in tent.

Next day, on Monday morning, we went to the Bastia port to buy tickets for a Moby Lines ferry to Genova, Italy. I was a little worried, since we had nothing booked, but fortunately it was not a problem. Plus, the price surprised me quite pleasently: ticket for one cost (if I remember correctly) less than 40 Euro. The ferry was leaving at 9 o’clock and the trip took 5 hours.

Bogliasco railway station

Bogliasco railway station

Unfortunately, just like in Bastia, also in Genova we had to find some overnight accomodation, because our (pre-booked) bus to Brno, Czech Republic wasn’t leaving till Tuesday. This time we didn’t want to spend a lot of money by staying in hotel and decided to find a camp instead. The nearest one I managed to find in advance (on Internet) was Camping Genova Est, located near town of Bogliasco a few kilometers to the east from Genova.

To get there, we decided to use a train, so from Genova ferry port we walked to a nearby railway station – Genova Piazza Principe. After some initial problems we managed to buy tickets and get to Bogliasco (had to change trains once, on Genova Brignole station). Even though we could wait on Bogliasco train station for a private camp bus, we decided to walk – 2 km trip, indicated on camp website didn’t seem like a problem. Unfortunately, as it turned out, during those 2 kilometers we had to ascend by almost 200 meters, which after a whole day of travelling with our quite heavy bags wasn’t very pleasent.

Genova Piazza Vittoria

Genova Piazza Vittoria

The camp Genova Est is really big and quite nice + the price was very reasonable (especially comparing to most Corsican camps). For one night, we payed less than 20 Euro together.

After a night in Bogliasco we set out for a last stage of our journey home. In the morning we went by train to Genova Brignole train station, that is located near Piazza Vittoria, from which our bus to Brno was leaving. We had some time there, so we wandered around the city for a while, had a pizza for lunch (best Capricciosa I’ve ever eaten:-)) and at half past two got into the Student Agency bus that was taking us home…

We arrived to Brno on Wednesday morning, three days after leaving Porto. The trip home was much longer than trip to Corsica, because bus + ferry timetables didn’t suit us very well (e.g. there was no overnight Bastia -> Genova ferry leaving on Sunday night). I didn’t mind though, even a journey is part of a holiday… And I enjoyed our Corsican holiday a lot and hopefully will remember it for a long time…

The following GPS waypoints might come in handy. You can download all of them in a single GPX file.

Name Description Latitude Longitude
AN GRAND BRNO Student Agency bus stop in Brno N 49° 11.624′ E 16° 36.847′
BOGLIASCO Bogliasco train station N 44° 22.749′ E 9° 03.966′
CALVI -> CALENZANA Bus stop in Calvi N 42° 33.947′ E 8° 45.365′
CAMPING GENOVA EST Camping Genova Est in Bogliasco N 44° 22.857′ E 9° 04.339′
CAMPING MUNICIPAL Camping Municipal in Porto N 42° 15.864′ E 8° 42.191′
GARE DE BASTIA Bastia railway station N 42° 42.116′ E 9° 26.848′
GENOVA BRIGNOLE Genova Brignole railway station N 44° 24.420′ E 8° 56.832′
GENOVA PIAZZA PRINCIPE Genova Piazza Principe railway station N 44° 25.049′ E 8° 55.247′
HOTEL LE FORUM BASTIA Hotel Le Forum in Bastia N 42° 41.883′ E 9° 26.942′
MOBY LINES GENOVA Moby Lines ticket office at Genova ferry port N 44° 24.571′ E 8° 54.513′
PIAZZA DELLA VITTORIA GENOVA Piazza della Vittoria in Genova N 44° 24.245′ E 8° 56.747′

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    I wrote a short article about my childhood in Bogliasco for the non-profit European Train Enthusiasts (ETE) club. Would you consider letting the ETE publish your photo of the Bogliasco train station in our national newsletter? Of course you would get a printed photo credit.

    I included a link to the club’s web site, though it is not “mine.”

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    Thanks. Happy trails.