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Corsica 2011 – Lac de Nino (21st July)

For our second (and last) day in Niolo, we had planned a trip to Lac de Nino – one of five most famous Corsican lakes.

Start/finish Main POI Distance Max. elevation Min. elevation Track record
Maison Forestière de Poppaghia Lac de Nino 10 km 1762 m 1061 m GPX file

The track begins at Maison Forestière de Poppaghia (1061 m ASL), few kilometers down under Col de Verghio mountain pass. The hike is very well-known and so we met a lot of people there. It surprised me that most of them were French – usually tourists in Corsican mountains are mainly Germans, Czechs, Austrians and Slovenians.

Lac de Nino from Bocca â Stazzona

Lac de Nino from Bocca â Stazzona

We set out from the parking place at 9:22 and set out to the south along the marked trail to Lac de Nino. At first it ascended quite gently through the beautiful pine forest of Valdu Niellu (“Black Forest” in English???); however, this changed after about 3 kilometers, when we came out of the forest near “Bergerie de Colga” (1412 m ASL). Read More (+ elevation diagram, waypoints, photos) »

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Sardinia 2010 – Perda Longa (25th July)

Perda Longa is a famous rock monolith, located in Ogliastra province near the town of Baunei. There are two ways you can use to get there: 1) a road leading there from SS 125 near Baunei; 2) a beautiful path going there along the coast from Santa Maria Navarrese. Naturally, for our hike we used the second one.

Perda Longa

Perda Longa

Our camp in Tancau we left at 8:50. Way to the starting point was very short, since our today’s trip started once again on the square in Santa Maria Navarrese. There we arrived at 9 o’clock and immediately set out for the hike. At first we went along the via Perda Longa road and after about 700 meters we got to the narrow path, leading us along the coast to the north. Read More (+GPS trace, GPS waypoints, elevation diagram) »

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Sardinia 2010 – Santa Maria Navarrese (22nd July)

Since the camp in Cala Gonone was very expensive, on our sixth day on Sardinia we decided to leave it and move somewhere else. At 10:00 our bags were packed and we were ready to go

Riu Fiumineddu valley and Supramonte

Riu Fiumineddu valley and Supramonte

We left Cala Gonone and went up to the hills and through the tunnel to SS 125. There we turned left and started heading south. The road started climbing up to the mountains and we saw that “Orientale Sarda” (I’d translate it like “Eastern Sardinian”) really was (and still is) the nicest panoramatic road of Sardinia… Read More »

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Sardinia 2010 – Gola su Gorroppu (20th July)

For our fourth day on Sardinia we had planned a trip to Gola su Gorroppu – famous canyon on Riu Fiumineddu river. The hike there is described in a guidebook “Sardinia: Rother Walking Guite”, written by Mithra Omidvar. We used the 3rd Czech issue of the book (from year 2003), where is this track listed as number 35.

Oleanders and limestone boulders (Gola su Gorroppu)

Oleanders and limestone boulders (Gola su Gorroppu)

The track to Gorroppu canyon (btw. it’s the ONLY possible way how to get there) starts at Sa Barva bridge on the Fiumineddu river. Getting there wasn’t very difficult. We left Cala Gonone camp at 9:10, went up in the direction Dorgali, and behind the tunnel (connecting Cala Gonone road to SS 125) turned left. We didn’t stay very long on SS 125, but just after 1 km turned right, to fertile valley of the river Fiumineddu. The valley is very nice, full of vineyards and olive orchards… After a few more minutes we finally got to the Sa Barva bridge. Read More (+GPS trace, GPS waypoints, elevation diagram) »

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Sardinia 2010 – Camping Sa Marina (16th July)

We were woken up at 5 AM by port staff, that was removing barriers blocking the access road to the ferry dock. We quickly packed our things and got into the queue for the ferry. We’re immediately checked in and then just waited for the arrival of the ship. Moby Aki arrived at about half past six, we got on its board shortly after 7 o’clock and one hour later we were leaving Livorno port…

Leaving Livorno port...

Leaving Livorno port...

The cruise took about 6 hours, we had a little delay and arrived in port of Olbia (city with 54 000 inhabitants located in the northeastern Sardinia in Olbia-Tempio province) at about 2 PM. Read More (+GPS trace, elevation diagram) »

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Geo-cycling trip – Přívrat, Toulovcovy maštale

Hello again, as I promised earlier, I’ll write here about the geo-cycling trip I went to last Saturday.

I set out from my hometown Choceň at quarter past ten. Since I’ve already found practically all traditional caches around Choceň, I knew this trip would have to be a little longer.

My first goal was to find four caches hidden near village of Přívrat, situated about 15 km to SW from my hometown. The first cache I managed to found was GC12H7V Na Mandlu, located in forest near local recreational area. The cache wasn’t too difficult to find, so I could quickly continue. My next waypoint was cache G26ZOV U Sv. Antonicka. Getting to it was quite challenging, touristic trail leading there wasn’t good enough for riding, so I had to push my bike up the hill – and quite a steep one. Finding the cache itself was very easy for me – I came there just in time to see another geocacher, betisa logging into it. I liked this cache a lot, it is located on a remote (and very nice) place in woods, it’s not possible to get there by car and it’s on a hill so man must (at least a little:-)) deserve it. Betisa was there by bike too, so together we rode to two other nearby caches, GC1F7F6 Miroslavova zeme and GC1XG38 Privrat – sportovni a detsky areal. The first one took us some time to find, the second one was much easier. After we found them, I said bye to betisa, who needed to go home, and continued in my way. Read More »

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Changes on the blog (+ birds on tribander + FIFA World Cup semifinals)

Yesterady I slightly reorganized tags on this blog. The reason is I decided to start writing here not only about Ham Radio, but also about other things that (I think) are worth-mentioning.

One of them is geocaching and my geocaching trips. As you may have noticed, few week ago I added here a small banner showing how many caches I found. At the moment it’s 61, which I don’t think is half bad since I started in the middle of May. I really like geocaching, especially in connection with cycling. After work I quite often take my bike and try to find some geocaches near the town where I live. During the weekends I usually go to these “geo-cycling trips” too, but to much longer ones.

During last four days (5th and 6th July are public holidays here in the Czech Republic) I went to two quite a long “geo-cycling trips” that I’d like to tell you about and that made me make this blog “not-radioamateur-only”.

Update: I wanted to write here today at least about the first of these trips, but I didn’t make it, so instead I’ll just put here photo of how birds – magpies – like my tribander:-)

Birds on my tribander

Birds on my tribander

I’m writing this at 9 PM UTC, few minutes ago I was watching Fotball World Cup semifinal match between Spain and Germany, where Spain defeated Germany 1:0. It was the first match of this championship I’ve seen and I really liked it, it was a great game, really nice to watch at… Btw. many thanks to my ISP and to http://www.eurovisionsports.tv/ – Czech TV neither transmitted this match on analog channels nor streamed it to the Internet.

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