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Partial lunar eclipse (April 2013)

At 22:20 CEST I tried to take a photo of today’s partial lunar eclipse

Partial lunar eclipse (April 2013)

Partial lunar eclipse (April 2013)

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Skiing in Wagrain and Zauchensee 2013

This year is the first one since 2008, when I didn’t participate in SSB part of CQ WPX contest. Instead, I went with my family for a short skiing holiday to Zauchensee and Wagrain – Austrian ski resorts, located to the south of Salzburg. I liked it a lot and would like to show you a few photos I took there…

On the 1st day we visited Zauchensee – probably my most favorite ski resort of all. However, the weather there wasn’t exactly great for taking photos, which is why I didn’t even bother carrying a camera and took only couple of pictures with my cellphone.

Our second skiing day we spent on Griessenkareck, in ski resort Wagrain / Flachau. Weather was beautiful: especially in the morning – sun was shining on the top of the mountain and fog and clouds were BELOW us…

Last skiing day we spent in Grafenberg – unfortunately, there was dense fog and snowing, so I didn’t take any photos there…

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