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Sardinia 2010 – The journey begins (15th July)

The day before yesterday I returned from our traditional family summer holiday. This time we went to Sardinia (island in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Italy). I liked it a lot and therefore I’d like to write you something about it. This is the first part of my holiday journal…

We left Choceň at 9 o’clock, heading for Italian port of Livorno. It’s a long way (almost 1200 km), so it took us rest of the day to get there.

From our hometown we headed to Brno, then to south to Czech-Austrian borders and to Austrian capital Wien (Vienna). The following part was a little better than in previous years (we used Livorno port also for our trips to Corsica) – we didn’t have to go through the city center thanks to new roads (S1 and S2 if I remember correctly), leading us directly to the highway bridge across Donau (Danube) and to A2 highway. Then we continued around Graz, Klagenfurt and Villach to Austrian-Italian border (crossing Arnoldstein/Tarvisio). From the border we went south to Udine and then along Jadran coast to Mestre/Venezia. Read More »

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IARU HF Championship 2010

During the weekend I participated IARU HF Championship… I liked it a lot, but can’t write about it right now, ’cause in two days I’m leaving for holidays and have no time… Hopefully I’ll write about it after I return… Looks like I’ve got some work to do on this blog, since I also promised to post here about my last Tuesday geocaching trip…

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Geo-cycling trip – Přívrat, Toulovcovy maštale

Hello again, as I promised earlier, I’ll write here about the geo-cycling trip I went to last Saturday.

I set out from my hometown Choceň at quarter past ten. Since I’ve already found practically all traditional caches around Choceň, I knew this trip would have to be a little longer.

My first goal was to find four caches hidden near village of Přívrat, situated about 15 km to SW from my hometown. The first cache I managed to found was GC12H7V Na Mandlu, located in forest near local recreational area. The cache wasn’t too difficult to find, so I could quickly continue. My next waypoint was cache G26ZOV U Sv. Antonicka. Getting to it was quite challenging, touristic trail leading there wasn’t good enough for riding, so I had to push my bike up the hill – and quite a steep one. Finding the cache itself was very easy for me – I came there just in time to see another geocacher, betisa logging into it. I liked this cache a lot, it is located on a remote (and very nice) place in woods, it’s not possible to get there by car and it’s on a hill so man must (at least a little:-)) deserve it. Betisa was there by bike too, so together we rode to two other nearby caches, GC1F7F6 Miroslavova zeme and GC1XG38 Privrat – sportovni a detsky areal. The first one took us some time to find, the second one was much easier. After we found them, I said bye to betisa, who needed to go home, and continued in my way. Read More »

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Changes on the blog (+ birds on tribander + FIFA World Cup semifinals)

Yesterady I slightly reorganized tags on this blog. The reason is I decided to start writing here not only about Ham Radio, but also about other things that (I think) are worth-mentioning.

One of them is geocaching and my geocaching trips. As you may have noticed, few week ago I added here a small banner showing how many caches I found. At the moment it’s 61, which I don’t think is half bad since I started in the middle of May. I really like geocaching, especially in connection with cycling. After work I quite often take my bike and try to find some geocaches near the town where I live. During the weekends I usually go to these “geo-cycling trips” too, but to much longer ones.

During last four days (5th and 6th July are public holidays here in the Czech Republic) I went to two quite a long “geo-cycling trips” that I’d like to tell you about and that made me make this blog “not-radioamateur-only”.

Update: I wanted to write here today at least about the first of these trips, but I didn’t make it, so instead I’ll just put here photo of how birds – magpies – like my tribander:-)

Birds on my tribander

Birds on my tribander

I’m writing this at 9 PM UTC, few minutes ago I was watching Fotball World Cup semifinal match between Spain and Germany, where Spain defeated Germany 1:0. It was the first match of this championship I’ve seen and I really liked it, it was a great game, really nice to watch at… Btw. many thanks to my ISP and to – Czech TV neither transmitted this match on analog channels nor streamed it to the Internet.

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