Sardinia 2010 – The journey begins (15th July)

The day before yesterday I returned from our traditional family summer holiday. This time we went to Sardinia (island in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Italy). I liked it a lot and therefore I’d like to write you something about it. This is the first part of my holiday journal…

We left ChoceĊˆ at 9 o’clock, heading for Italian port of Livorno. It’s a long way (almost 1200 km), so it took us rest of the day to get there.

From our hometown we headed to Brno, then to south to Czech-Austrian borders and to Austrian capital Wien (Vienna). The following part was a little better than in previous years (we used Livorno port also for our trips to Corsica) – we didn’t have to go through the city center thanks to new roads (S1 and S2 if I remember correctly), leading us directly to the highway bridge across Donau (Danube) and to A2 highway. Then we continued around Graz, Klagenfurt and Villach to Austrian-Italian border (crossing Arnoldstein/Tarvisio). From the border we went south to Udine and then along Jadran coast to Mestre/Venezia.

Passing around Mestre/Venezia was fine, two years ago, when there was no highway around the city it was much bigger problem. Now we quickly left Mestre behind and went around Padova and Ferrara down to Bologna, where we get on A1 highway to Firenze. Between those two cities it’s crossing Apenines, so there are a lot of tunnels and highway is not very wide in some parts. I don’t like it very much there, even though on the other hand it’s quite a nice change after going across lowlands of the river Po.

After we came to Firenze, we get off the highway on Firenze Scandicci exit and went to Livorno by S.G.C. FI-PI-LI (Strada Grande Communicazione Firenze-Pisa-Livorno). We’ve used this speedway before, but this year we were surprised that speed is often limited to 90 kph – either it was new or we didn’t remember it from last years.

The whole journey took us 15 hours and half (with stops) and shortly after midnight we arrived to Livorno ferry port. Our ferry didn’t leave till the morning, so we went to sleep (some of us in car, others in sleeping bag on the parking lot…)

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