Happy And Prosperous New Year 2014!

PF 2014 de OK1CLD

PF 2014 de OK1CLD

Photo: Money tree in Tarn Hows, Cumbria

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England 2013 – To Arnside

Just like a year ago, I’d like to describe here my holiday. This time I spent it not in a Mediterranean, but a little more in the north – in England, specifically in the Lake District.

 As in 2012, I didn’t go on the holiday alone, but together with Lukáš, my friend and former dormitory roommate.  We set out on our trip on 7th September – a little late for a summer holiday, but both of us still had some time before semester start and supposed it would be better to visit the Lake District after end of a high season…

Big Ben

Big Ben

Our journey started by a 2 hour long trip to Prague, Czech capital where we both study (or studied). Then we continued by Student Agency bus via Plzeň, Luxembourg, Brussels and Channel Tunnel to London (ticket price: 5425 CZK for return ticket for 1 student and 1 adult <26; the tickets were booked in advance).

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Partial lunar eclipse (April 2013)

At 22:20 CEST I tried to take a photo of today’s partial lunar eclipse

Partial lunar eclipse (April 2013)

Partial lunar eclipse (April 2013)

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Skiing in Wagrain and Zauchensee 2013

This year is the first one since 2008, when I didn’t participate in SSB part of CQ WPX contest. Instead, I went with my family for a short skiing holiday to Zauchensee and Wagrain – Austrian ski resorts, located to the south of Salzburg. I liked it a lot and would like to show you a few photos I took there…

On the 1st day we visited Zauchensee – probably my most favorite ski resort of all. However, the weather there wasn’t exactly great for taking photos, which is why I didn’t even bother carrying a camera and took only couple of pictures with my cellphone.

Our second skiing day we spent on Griessenkareck, in ski resort Wagrain / Flachau. Weather was beautiful: especially in the morning – sun was shining on the top of the mountain and fog and clouds were BELOW us…

Last skiing day we spent in Grafenberg – unfortunately, there was dense fog and snowing, so I didn’t take any photos there…

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ARRL DX Contest SSB 2013

Last weekend I participated in SSB part of ARRL DX Contest. Unfortunately I had not enough time and was QRV only for 2 hours…

Short contest summary:

  • Time On: 2 hours
  • Bands activated: 10/15/20 meters
  • QSO count: 43 (40 to the USA and 3 to Canada)
  • Multipliers: 29
  • Claimed score: 3 741 points
  • Contacted U.S. states: CT, MA, NH, RI, VT, NJ, NY, MD, PA, AL, FL, GA, TN, VA, TX, MI, IL, WI
  • Contacted Canadian provinces: MB, ON, PEI

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CQ WPX SSB 2012 Certificate Received

About three weeks ago, I received certificate from SSB part of last year’s CQ WPX contest. It was a very nice surprise: I hadn’t expected it at all + it arrived exactly on my birthday!

The certificate is for 1st place  in Czech Republic in SO AB LP Tribander/Single Element category (overlay). My total score in the contest was 612,896 points (688 QSOs, 428 multipliers).

This year’s CQ WPX SSB is held on 30th – 31st March. Unfortunately, I’ll be in the mountains during that time, but hope to see you in CW part…

My certificate for CQ WPX SSB 2012

My certificate for CQ WPX SSB 2012

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Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013!

PF 2013 de OK1CLD

PF 2013 de OK1CLD

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12 Mobile Photos Taken in 2012

Today I browsed through photos I’ve taken with my cell phone during the ending year. Some look quite well, so I decided to publish them here (and to take mobile photos more often during the next year).

(Plus, I also wanted to try the WordPress gallery feature… )

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CQ WW DX Contest SSB 2012

Last weekend I participated in SSB part of CQ WW DX contest. I didn’t try for some serious score, just wanted to have some fun and was QRV only on higher bands (10, 15 and 20 meters.)

Here are a few notes about my contest activity:

  • Total time on was 15.5 hours
  • During the time, I managed to make 640 QSOs, most of them – 205 QSOs – on 10 meters band
  • My claimed score is 175 648 points (998 QSO points, 56 CQ zone multipliers, 120 DXCC multipliers)
  • 73 different DXCC entities were contacted, one of them (TG – Guatemala) was new to me
  • Most QSOs were made to the United States (113), European Russia (50), Spain (38), Asiatic Russia (34) and Canada (22)
  • 25 different CQ zones were contacted; most QSOs were made to Zone 5 (94), Zone 14 (82), Zone 16 (76), Zone 4 (32) and Zone 15 (26)
  • The longest contact was to Australia, to Zone 29 (Western Zone of Australia)
  • My most favorite band was 28 MHz, where I managed to make a lot of QSOs to North America and Caribbean

I liked the contest a lot, hope to hear you in CW part.

73! Ondra, OK1CLD

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Corsica 2012 – Back Home

On Sunday 29th we started returning home. In the morning we packed our tent and left the camp, going to 10:00 bus heading via Bocca e Croce/Col de la Croix to Calvi. The bus was leaving from a stop opposite a photographer’s place and ticket cost 16 Euro for one.

Bastia -> Genova ferry

Bastia -> Genova ferry

The trip was quite pleasant, especially seeing the places we walked around in a past dew days – Curzu village, Bocca e Croce pass and Fango river. The bus arrived to Calvi on time (as far as I remember), at 12:30. There we bought something for lunch and went to Place de la Porteuse d’eau (the same place from which we went a week ago to Calenzana) to wait for 14:00 bus to Bastia.

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