Corsica 2012 – TMM: “Curzu –> Porto”

On Friday, just like on the two previous days, we set out on the track shortly after half past six. Our plan was a shorter stage from Curzu to village of Serriera – however, things turned out a little differently at the end.

Start Finish Distance Max. elevation Min. elevation Track record
Curzu Porto 18 km 414 m 0 m GPX file

Our hike started by 100 meters ascent from gîte to the upper part of village, from where the Tra Mare e Monti continued its way to the west. For the kilometer and half, the path kept going up, until it reached the highest point of the today’s stage – 414 m ASL. From this part of the track, there was a beautiful view to the Golfe de Porto bay.



After a short rest, we continued in our way, quickly losing the gained elevation. After the next 1200 meters we crossed an unpaved road, leading to a nearby village of Partinello. Behind the crossroad, the descent became much steeper – since at the moment I had quite a big blister on my foot, I really hated that part…

The descent ended at 75 meters ASL, where the TMM crossed a dry trough of brook Vetricella. This brook created quite an impressive valley – from its western side we just came down… and, of course, started immediately climbing to the other side. The climb was quite steep and at least for me quite exhausting; after all, it was the 6th day of our hike and we weren’t very well trained…

A view from road to Porto

A view from road to Porto

Getting to the top at 340 m ASL took us some time – we arrived there at 9: 30, little less than 3 hours after leaving Curzu. From the place it was just a short 2 km hike down to Serriera, our planned target for the day. When we arrived there, we discussed what to do – it was a little too early to stay there.

In the end we decided to find nearest grocery store, buy some water and then continue in our way – to Porto, the final destination of our whole hike! (Sidenote: Tra Mare e Monti doesn’t go through Porto at all, instead it leads via Ota and Evisa to Cargèse – however, we didn’t have enough time to walk all the way to Cargèse.)



After buying two bottles of St. Georges in a shop in the centre of village, we set out for our hike to Porto. At gîte d’étape of Serriera we’ve met Angelika, who decided to join us. Unfortunately, neither of us had a good map and we didn’t know of any hiking trail to Porto… So we had to walk along the road. Angelika and Lukáš suggested hitchhiking, but I refused – I wanted to get from Calenzana to Porto all the way on foot…

As you can imagine, walking along the road (and for most of the time along quite a busy road) wasn’t very pleasant, especially since it was quite hot. Certainly it would’ve been much better to hitchhike, but I’m still glad we walked… Sorry again, Lukáš and Angelika!

Sunset in Porto

Sunset in Porto

At 1 p.m. we finally arrived to Camping Municipal d’Ota-Porto, our target destination. It’s a very nice and surprisingly cheap camp located not too far from the sea. We were all really exhausted when we got there, but I was really happy – after all, we (me and Lukáš) managed to finish our hike, completely as planned!

In the evening, we went to the beach of Porto to see to the beautiful sunset to the sea – a symbolic closure of our 6 days long hike!

Here is the elevation diagram (generated by my GPS altimeter and processed by Garmin BaseCamp application) of the track:

Elevation diagram - from Curzu to Porto

Elevation diagram – from Curzu to Porto

The following GPS waypoints might also come in handy. You can download all of them in a single GPX file.

Name Description Approx. Elev. Latitude Longitude
CAMPING MUNICIPAL Camping Municipal d’Ota-Porto 0 m N 42° 15.864′ E 8° 42.191′
EPICERIE SERRIERA Groceries in Serriera 86 m N 42° 18.079′ E 8° 42.505′
GITE D’ETAPE CURZU Gîte d’étape in Curzu 250 m N 42° 19.222′ E 8° 40.093′

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