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Changes on the blog (+ birds on tribander + FIFA World Cup semifinals)

Yesterady I slightly reorganized tags on this blog. The reason is I decided to start writing here not only about Ham Radio, but also about other things that (I think) are worth-mentioning.

One of them is geocaching and my geocaching trips. As you may have noticed, few week ago I added here a small banner showing how many caches I found. At the moment it’s 61, which I don’t think is half bad since I started in the middle of May. I really like geocaching, especially in connection with cycling. After work I quite often take my bike and try to find some geocaches near the town where I live. During the weekends I usually go to these “geo-cycling trips” too, but to much longer ones.

During last four days (5th and 6th July are public holidays here in the Czech Republic) I went to two quite a long “geo-cycling trips” that I’d like to tell you about and that made me make this blog “not-radioamateur-only”.

Update: I wanted to write here today at least about the first of these trips, but I didn’t make it, so instead I’ll just put here photo of how birds – magpies – like my tribander:-)

Birds on my tribander

Birds on my tribander

I’m writing this at 9 PM UTC, few minutes ago I was watching Fotball World Cup semifinal match between Spain and Germany, where Spain defeated Germany 1:0. It was the first match of this championship I’ve seen and I really liked it, it was a great game, really nice to watch at… Btw. many thanks to my ISP and to – Czech TV neither transmitted this match on analog channels nor streamed it to the Internet.

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Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I founded this blog to publish here reports from my SOTA expeditions.

I’ve been planning my 1st SOTA activation for tomorrow, I’d like to activate two hills in Orlické hory mountain range – OK/KR-008 Velká Deštná and OK/KR-069 Šerlich. However, my equipment is not too good – just 2m FM hand-held and vertical aerial – so I’m not sure if I manage to make 4 necessary QSOs.

So wish me luck and I hope to hear you on the band sometimes.

73! Ondra, OK1CLD

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