Corsica 2011 – Ficajola, Lozzi (19th July)

On Tuesday we left the camp in Porto and went to central Corsica – more specifically to region Niolo. However, first we drove through Calanche and Piana to Ficajola beach to enjoy the sea one more time before going inland.

Ficajola beach

Ficajola beach

Ficajola is one of the most famous beaches in Golfe de Porto – all the people I know (who visited Corsica) went to it. It’s located a few kilometers to the north-west from Piana, from which you can get there by a narrow road D 624 that descends down to the coast in a lot of serpentines. The beach itself is quite small, but very beautiful, especially thanks to red rocks that are all around it.

After swimming in the sea for a while, we got in car and started returning back to Porto. During the way back I made a short video (that you can see above), showing the journey through Calanche – from football field behind Piana to “Tête de Chien” rock formation. Even though it isn’t very nice, I decided to publish it here to show you this most famous natural sight of Corsica.

We didn’t even stop in Porto, but immediately continued to the west along D 84 via Evisa and Col de Vergiho mountain pass to Niolo region. As far as I know, only camps in this area are in village Lozzi, that is located just under Monte Cinto (the highest mountain of Corsica).

View from l'Arimone camp

View from l'Arimone camp

When we came there (to Lozzi), it was quite cold and heavily raining – something we’ve never experienced on the island before. We waited until it stopped and then went to camp. There are two of tem locate just next to each other – l’Arimone and U Monte Cintu. We decided for the first one. Even though the owner/receptionist was very friendly,the other camp would’ve been a better choice. L’Arimone is located just above the valley, which is why there are very strong winds that almost blew our tent away.

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