Corsica 2011 – Punta Castellacciu (17th July)

For the 17th July we had planned trip to Punta Castellacciu – 585 meters high mountain that together with its little higher (and more famous) twin peak Monte Senino separates Golfe de Porto from Golfe de Girolata. Hike to its summit starts in Bocca a Croce / Col de la Croix, which is a (mountain) pass on D 81 road between Porto and Galéria.

Start/finish Main POI Distance Max. elevation Min. elevation Track record
Bocca a Croce Punta Castellacciu 4.3 km 585 m 253 m GPX file

I found information about the trip on this web – it is an (example) track from the Rother Walking Guide, that I mentioned in one of my previous blogposts.

Monte Senino and Punta Castellacciu

Monte Senino and Punta Castellacciu

Hike to Punta Castellacciu is not long (in fact maybe it’s the shortest one we made this year), but it’s very very steep. When I for the first time looked at the mountain from Bocca a Croce, I couldn’t believe that it’s possible to get to the top without climbing equipment. Fortunately, I was wrong…

We left the parking in the pass at 10:41… First kilometer and half was very easy, since we were just approaching the foot of the mountain. The real sport didn’t begin before last 650 meters, during which we had to climb by more than 250 meters! It was the steepest ascent I’ve ever seen and it took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the summit.

View from Punta Castellacciu

View from Punta Castellacciu

We were very exhausted, but the view from Punta Castellacciu to both Golfe de Porto and Golfe de Girolata was worth it. The journey back to Bocca a Croce took us approx. 90 minutes and later, during our return to Porto we (well, just me) had a well-deserved glass of Pietra.

Here is the elevation diagram of the track (generated by my GPS altimeter and processed by Garmin BaseCamp application), please click on the miniature to see the diagram in a full size:

Elevation diagram - trip to Punta Castellacciu and back

Elevation diagram - trip to Punta Castellacciu and back

You can also look at the list of some important waypoints. You can download all of them in one GPX file.

Name Description Approx. Elev. Latitude Longitude
BOCCA A CROCE Parking at Bocca a Croce 261 m N 42° 19.570′ E 8° 37.922′
PUNTA CASTELLACCIU Summit of Punta Castellacciu 585 m N 42° 19.172′ E 8° 37.062′

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