Sardinia 2010 – Capo d’Orso (28th July)

28th July was our last day on Sardinia – at least for this year. In the morning we packed all our things, paid for the camp and left Cugnana.

Capo d'Orso (Author: Tobias Helfrich)

Capo d'Orso (Author: Tobias Helfrich)

We went to the north along the Costa Smeralda coast, then on the first crossroad we turned left to SP73 road, passed San Pantaleo and continued in the direction to Arzachena. Few miles before the town we turned to the north once again and went through Cannigione to the Capo d’Orso cape.

We went there to see Roccia dell’Orso, famous rock, that is thanks to its distinctive shape known like “Bear Rock”. We parked our car at parking lot just under the rocks. After paying the parking fee and entrance fee, we started walking up the well-maintained pavement to the rock. Getting to the top was quite easy – however, there was a major disappointment waiting for us. We were able to walk around the “Bear”, even go under it, but we couldn’t see it (and/or) take photo of it – we weren’t allowed to go to the surrounding rocks, access to them was for some reasons restricted.

Thanks to this, the visit of Capo d’Orso was a huge letdown for me – if I knew before, I wouldn’t go there. And frankly, I don’t understand why so many people come there – I admit the place is very nice, from the top there’s a beautiful view to islands Maddalena and Caprera, but… the whole touristic attraction stands on the fact that one of the rock formations reminds a bear and yet you aren’t even allowed to see it…

I’ll end my short Sardinian series here, since from Capo d’Orso we just went south to Olbia and just waited till the evening for a ferry that took us back to mainland, to Italian port of Genova. I enjoyed our stay on Sardinia a lot and I also enjoyed writing these articles about it. I’d be happy if they help at least to someone at least a little…

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