Sardinia 2010 – Monte Oro (23rd July)

On our seventh day on Sardinia we went for a trip to Monte Oro – 669 meters high mountain, rising above the village of Santa Maria Navarrese. Once again, we learnt about this hike in our favourite guidebook “Sardinia: Rother Walking Guite”, written by Mithra Omidvar. In the 3rd Czech issue of the book (from year 2003), this track is listed under number 28.

Il Pozzo, Santa Maria Navarrese

Il Pozzo, Santa Maria Navarrese

We left the camp in Tancau at quarter past eight – a little earlier then usually… Starting point of the hike to the “Golden mountain” is the upper village square in Santa Maria Navarrese, so getting there was very easy (it took us less than ten minutes). The square is very nice, we especially admired the painting on the wall of local pizzeria.

Few minutes before half past eight we started climbing up the steep narrow road leading to the north. After about 20 minutes we arrived to a crossroad at 170 m ASL. Since the crossroad wasn’t described in our guidebook, we hesitated for a while where to go, but finally we turned left and not long after that to the right (to quite a wide path). As it later turned out, this was the right way to Monte Oro, even though the one recommended in our guidebook for the journey back…

Santa Maria Navarrese, Arbatax bay, ...

Santa Maria Navarrese, Arbatax bay, ...

The path led us to the west around the mountain and offered us fantastic views of Santa Maria Navaresse village and of the whole Arbatax bay. At 9:12:30 we got to a very important waypoint – we crossed the 40th parallel, but we didn’t realize it at that time and just kept going. When we got to the western side of the mountain, the view changed and we could admire inland with towns of Baunei and Urzulei and serpentines of SS 125 road below us.

At about quarter past ten we turned right (if we continued going straight on, in a few minuts we’d get to the road going from SS 125 to Pedra Longa) and started climbing directly up the mountain. At 470 m ASL we turned again, this time to the left. A narrow path soon disappeared and we were climbing up the “stone field” to the top of Monte Oro, where we arrived at 11:22.

The view from the top was beautiful – we could see bay of Arbatax, top of Monte Scoine, Baunei… It was really great and it made this trip one of the best of our holiday in Sardinia. I recommend the trip to Monte Oro to everyone…

As usally, here’s a link to the GPX file containing the track record. I’d just want to stress out that all the following info is about the track that we went, it means that it contains all the detours mentioned in the previous text.

Start/finish Main POI Distance Max. elevation Min. elevation Download link
S. Maria Navarrese Monte Oro 12 km 669 m 40 m link

You can also look at the elevation diagram of the track (generated by GPS altimeter and processed by Garmin Basemap application). Please click to the miniature to see the diagram in a full size.

Elevation diagram - trip to Monte Oro and back

Elevation diagram - trip to Monte Oro and back

And last but not least here’s the list of some important waypoints. You can download all of them in one GPX file.

Name Description Approx. Elev. Latitude Longitude
SANTA MARIA NAVARRESE Upper village square 40 m N 39° 59.516′ E 9° 41.274′
ROVNOBEZKA40 40th parallel crossing 258 m N 40° 00.000′ E 9° 40.809′
BRANA01 Gate 423 m N 40° 00.474′ E 9° 40.480′
ODBOCKA01 Turning point nr. 1 430 m N 40° 01.026′ E 9° 40.798′
ODBOCKA02 Turning point nr. 2 473 m N 40° 01.005′ E 9° 40.972′
MONTE ORO Top of the mountain 669 m N 40° 00.795′ E 9° 40.977′

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